To start with…

After nearly 11 years in New York City, we have finally found a really great apartment that we can afford. We can finally safely park the car, and I can finally garden. In containers, but still, I can garden:

I sowed seeds for claytonia, mache, spinach, and peas already – have lots of germination on the spinach. The first seed germinated two days after sowing, but last week was quite warm. I’m not expecting as much progress this week with cool, wet weather ahead.

But what I am really excited about – at least until summer comes and it’s too hot for baking – is being a part of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. I’ve had the book for two months and had such amazing success with Reinhart’s recipe for pain a l’ancienne that I’m inspired to cook through the entire book. The first recipe comes this weekend with Anadama bread.

I am not a professional baker or a particularly talented cook, but given the dearth of good bread – truly good bread – in my neighborhood, I know I can do better than what I can buy. There’s one way to find out!


One response to “To start with…

  1. squeeeeee
    Congratulations on all the fun/wonderful things that are going on for you right now. Can’t wait to start the challenge with you 🙂

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