Bagels are next

I live in the bagel capital of the country but I am so excited to make these bagels. I bought malt powder on my trip to Kalustyan’s last week but the local grocery store was out of bread flour (gasp! Come to think of it, I was probably the one who bought them out), so I’m stopping at Whole Foods this afternoon in hopes of finding not just bread flour but the high gluten bread flour Reinhart recommends.

What to top with? You’ll note the title of this blog – my tastes run almost 100% toward the savory side of things, so I’m leaning toward onion. I think my husband may have mentioned something about poppy seed, too.

I’m going to attempt making the dough Friday after work to make the bagels on Saturday. We are going out of town on Sunday and I want nothing more than to bring some homemade bagels, thick with cream cheese, with us to the airport and eat them slowly in front of the poor saps who are stuck with awful airport bagels.

For this first time around, I plan on following the basic recipe but I am very eager to make the sourdough version in the future. It is the only recipe I’ve ever seen which calls for 5 cups of starter, so its the perfect thing to make when you’ve refreshed and have more than you can store or give away.

Similarly, this go-round, time won’t allow me to make my own cream cheese, but I’d definitely like to. Anyone know where to find rennet and cheese cultures around NYC?


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