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Greek Easter bread – the preface

My new landlord is Greek, Easter is this weekend, and I’ve been fascinated by the recipes for Artos, Greek celebration breads, ever since I first cracked open my copy of BBA. I plan on heading over to Kalustyan’s tomorrow at lunch to buy mahleb and maybe mastic to make lambropsomo in honor of all these forces coming together (it’s also why I started the BBA challenge last weekend. Perfect timing!).
I am finally replenishing my wild yeast starter after a very long dormancy:

but I am literally agonizing over every other detail of this thing. Should I use the mastic? HOW do I use the mastic? I guess that one will be answered by the cost of the mastic when I do my shopping.
Update: I didn’t buy mastic, because right on the package it said “colorless! odorless! tasteless!” so apparently, it wasn’t the right kind of mastic (though, coincidentally enough, it was right next to the mahleb). In any case, I wasn’t spending $7 for a bag of tasteless rocks.
Do I use lemon or orange zest (I’m leaning toward orange, frankly)? And the shaping! So many options! How about the eggs – do I use them? I am hesitant to, because the way the dye bled in many bakers’ loaves looks really unappetizing. If I do, I plan on dying them the traditional, natural way. Is there a way to prevent the dye bleeding? Do I hard boil them first? If I don’t bake with the eggs in the bread, will they stay on for display? Will our friends who invited us over for Easter dinner think I am 100% out of my mind if I show up with a loaf of bread with dyed eggs baked into it? I plan on baking on Saturday, so I have basically three days to figure out these answers. Your input in not only welcome, but necessary!